(wi·nyl) ˈwīn-nᵊl 

: a gathering of people to consume wine and listen to vinyl records, rejoicing in the company of kick-ass humans and overcoming the soul-crushing isolation of Logan, Utah


Saturday, May 25 ● 7PM – 11PM
Googz Calendar (with location pin)


430 N 300 E, Logan
PLEASE! Don’t knock. Just walk in.
Red-Brick House on the East Side of the Street w/ a Tree in Front

Drinks/Hors d'oeuvres

*Bring a bottle of wine or some food to munch.
No alcohol for you? No problem! Non-alcoholic beverages will also be provided and are encouraged to bring. (Trent’s moka pot coffee ground with cocoa nibs is a must try regardless of alcohol consumption or not)
*Of course if you have the means to share; we’re all living our own financial hell; there is no judgement if you aren’t able to bring anything.

Plus One?

The goal of a winyl is to make new friends. In Logan, we need all the friends and support we can get. Feel free to bring your open-minded buddies, even if/especially if they might be socially anxious.

Alternates to Socializing

Sometimes just being around people, not talking with them is what we prefer, so with that in mind, Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be set up and rolling on the Arcade Cabinet.

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