For some reason, Capcom and the Online Street Fighter Community don’t think it is important to steward in new players to the franchise (and into the fighting genre in general). In the past, Capcom has done a wonderful job of stewarding new players into fighting games (Darkstalkers might have the best tutorial challenges of any fighting game made). However, since Street Fighter V is seen by Capcom as a service first, then as a game, there has been very little to help casual players to develop playing skill and hence affinity for their game.

For anyone who has dipped their toes into the Street Fighter sub reddit, it’s quick to see that simple how-to’s and questions about basics are immediately scoffed at and made fun of by the community. is a great resource, but there is no guide to help a new player navigate the waters of jargon and inside baseball references. Likewise, Capcom’s Fighter Network website is full of awesome content, even for new players, but the site UI is more frustrating than trying to find the $1 menu at McDonald’s with a line of cars honking at you to hurry up.

This is a growing page where we will add links that will help new players develop Street Fighter skills, understand the community, and (most importantly) be able to have fun while playing Street Fighter. Because at the end of the day, there’s no point in playing a game if you’re not having fun.

Normal Attacks

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    • A great demonstration of how powerful a player can be by just using normal attacks.
    • The on-screen text, face cam, and flickering is distracting in the video, but it is worth watching.