DCW Television Archive

All episodes shot and edited by Death Ray Media.

DCW Event Photo Archive

All of these photos have been formatted for screens/web. If you would like any photos with a resolution suitable for print, just let me (Trent) know at trenthunsaker@gmail.com.

If you are wanting to credit the images’ source, please use: Trent Hunsaker or Death Ray Media

or on Instagram: @apartofhim

These files are for graphic designers to use in making event posters. Each folder has three sub folders: jpg( jpg images @72 dpi), png (png images w/ background cut out 150 dpi), psd (2 layers, 1 the same as the jpg image, 1 w/ background cut out, saved as a Photoshop Documents).

These images are rendered intentionally bright so that a graphic designer can match them to the lighting of the event poster.

Promo Images